WP Engine playing Top Trumps with Kinsta

Its sometimes funny when your friends start to get competitive with each other. We’re not sure if its funny strange, or funny ha ha, but funny would seem to be a fitting word, owing to exactly that ambiguity.

As a part of some research into managed WordPress hosting I was doing recently, as we seek to shore up our links with the best managed WordPress hosts out there – for the benefit of our clients – I stumbled across this comparison of WP Engine and Kinsta, which is done by… WP Engine.

I was reminded a little bit of Top Trumps, a game I used to play as a child, where you would select the most impressive stat from the card in your hand, in an effort to “trump” your competitor. So, of course, WP Engine led with “number of employees” right off the bat.

Content marketing is big these days. And its no surprise. It works. But, actively comparing your products and services to those of a “direct competitor”? Well, its an interesting strategy, to say the least.

The comparison table of Kinsta versus WP Engine

What do you think – leave a comment below – are you a Kinsta lover, or a big WP Engine fan? This was not meant to be a Kinsta Vs WP Engine post… there are far too many of those out there already (mainly from the content writers at Kinsta and WP Engine, heh?! 🙂 ) – but, well, if you have a comment on the subject, then feel free to leave it below.

For our part, we have no problem recommending either (or both!), to clients, and we do so, when appropriate. Both have advantages and disadvantages and wouldn’t suit all circumstances.


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