Professional Plan Features on Jetpack – the Official Plugin for WordPress

We’ve recently started testing features on Jetpack – the massive plugin from Automattic (the people behind WordPress).

This mega-plugin does everything from SEO to social sharing, backups and video hosting.

Linda Scott from Silicon Dales has been given a testing key to try out the Jetpack Professional plan features and you’ll see her test environment updating here as she works through the various elements.

Jetpack Professional offers to offload everything from video hosting to real-time backups.

Concierge by Automattic

As part of the Jetpack Professional plan, Automattic is offering one-on-one personal consultations with one of 25 Happiness Engineers.

Called the Concierge service, these bookings are available in 15 minute slots and are recommended for those with customized code or who run into the limitations of the automated services.

Other Features

The Jetpack Professional plan also offers access to the WordPress ad network, integration with Google Analytics and video hosting. See the full run down by expanding the accordions here.

How to Upgrade to Jetpack Professional Plan

Login to your WordPress account, then click here.

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