Silicon Dales at WordCamp EU 2022

WordCamp Europe 2022 Porto

Silicon Dales attended WordCamp EU 2022 in Porto to catch up with the great people in the WordPress eco-system including hosting providers, plugin makers and, of course, the platforms themselves. It has been 3 years since the last European meetup and it was really refreshing to finally catch up with those we’ve been working with …

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How to run WordPress cron with WP CLI via crontab on Cloudways

Sometimes you need to run WordPress cron a non-standard way, in order to guarantee successful execution on a regular schedule. The issue with “standard” WordPress cron tasks (which are a pseudo cron in themselves) is these are processed upon certain triggers, which run under PHP as your admin is loaded. This can both slow life …

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Case Study: Moodle and Mailchimp Integration for WooCommerce

The Institute of Photography booked Silicon Dales to update integrations between WooCommerce, Moodle and Mailchimp, including a Moodle re-theme and some custom code. What’s the Institute of Photography? The Institute of Photography (or IOP®) was founded by photography and online photography course experts to help people increase their skills from the comfort of their own …

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Minimum Requirements for WooCommerce

Below are the minimum requirements for WooCommerce and (by extension) WordPress. Some are taken from WooCommerce, some from WordPress, and also, some, we are adding as recommendations. It should be apparent, below, which is which! Before getting started, if you’re here to assess a WooCommerce host, then you may be interested to check out our …

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WordPress 5.0 is Live!

A short post about the latest and greatest WordPress release, WordPress 5.0, which is now LIVE and available for download.

This release contains a brand new editor experience, known as Gutenberg, which is a major change.

As a consequence, we recommend to update first in a test or staging environment, and, as ever, you should backup your files and database before attempting your update.

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Silicon Dales contributes to WordPress 5.9 update

WordPress 5.9 was released on 25th January 2022. You can see the news statement from WordPress here. What’s Joséphine got to do with it? WordPress names all its release after jazz musicians – this time it’s Joséphine Baker, a jazz singer born in 1906. New theme The new update ships with a new theme: Twenty Twenty-Two. Take …

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Case study: Las Vegas hotel and restaurant listings site for

The Client “On The Strip is a local, independent travel booking site focused on increasing travel to and within Las Vegas. Unlike other booking sites, On The Strip is content-driven creating an informed customized experience for a curious traveler. Written by locals, On The Strip provides breaking news and freshly updated information about places to …

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The Silicon Dales Guide to Updating WordPress

WordPress is used by 65.2% of websites – even in a sample of the top million websites. It’s popular and it works.

In order to keep up with a changing world, the code powering WordPress is updated on a regular basis. As a result, the plugins, themes and integrations which work with WordPress also update on a regular basis (at least, the good ones do!).

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How to Block an IP Address from accessing your website

Looking to block a specific IP address from accessing your website? Maybe you saw some rogue activity, and its coming from a specific IP? Perhaps some IP address you can see spidering through all your content – and its not a search robot? Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to block a specific IP address …

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How to whitelist your IP in WordFence so you don’t get locked out

Are you using WordFence to secure your WordPress application? Have you been doing some admin action, like scanning for some file, or loading lots of pages which keeps triggering the firewall and blocking you out? Whatever it is you’d like to do, it can make a lot of sense to whitelist your IP address (or …

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