Resolving err_too_many_redirects

connections made with pins, wire and string

Have you seen the message err_too_many_redirects on a page or pages of your website? Would you like to resolve this? Sure you would! Read on… What err_too_many_redirects Means It doesn’t take a genius to realise what this error means, but its probably worth breaking it down. Error. Too many redirects. There is no such thing …

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Why Should I Get a .uk Domain?

As we are domain name resellers, and we often register domain names on behalf of clients, we’ve recently been receiving lots of emails about the new .uk domains that have recently come onto the market. These domains are interesting, insofar as Nominet, the UK domain registration service, has stipulated that, upon their release, a .uk …

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Transport HTTPS traffic to HTTP with .htaccess

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed that we very recently updated a couple of things here at the Silicon Dales website, and one of those steps has involved switching from delivering pages via HTTPS, now that we have retired the online shop section. The precise mechanism for doing this on a LAMP setup using …

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