Why Is My Website Slow?


This is a question we are asked by people on a regular basis: “Why is my website slow?” The answer provided here, since 2012, is generally speaking in a WordPress context – because we are WP specialists – but a lot of the rules will apply to really any website, particularly one which runs on …

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What Theme? Our Favourite Free WordPress Themes

Free in the GPL means freedom, not free of charge, but also, in the context of this article, it also means free as in it costs you nothing. A lot of people say “free as in beer” – this may or may not mean anything to you, but the WordPress themes in this post are …

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Where to Download PuTTy

It has become apparent that some people are landing on a post I made about WeTransfer looking for a download link to grab a copy of PuTTY. Ever eager to please, the link below is where you would download PuTTy for your system, whatever particular flavour of system that may be! Download PuTTy from here. …

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