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We often install the Open source (free, and developed by a community of programmers, rather than one, paid, team) Content Management System (CMS), WordPress. WordPress was originally a blogging platform developed by Matt Mullenweg, but, in its short history, the software, which runs on (also Open source) PHP and MySQL, has developed into far more …

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WooCommerce Developer in Manchester

In case you didn’t know (and why would you unless you were already watching us?), Silicon Dales opened an office in Manchester in August 2017. About Silicon Dales Silicon Dales is a distributed team of WordPress and WooCommerce developers, who work on complex open source projects for small, medium and larger enterprises. Silicon Dales are …

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The Silicon Dales Guide to Open Source Licencing

For some of our corporate clients used to paying for licences, Open Source can present the legal department with some challenges. This guide explains some of the terminology, the real-world application for the Open Source approach and where this has been tested in court. This guide will be of interest to legal departments and web …

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A bid for freedom: moving online sales to Open Source

Migrating an online store to Open Source can be a great way to bust out of vendor lock-in and take back control of your business functions and costs. Benefits Open Source is a great way to future-proof your eCommerce requirements. Here’s how it can offer improvements to the bottom line: Customization Take Open Source code …

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The Silicon Dales Guide to GDPR: What does it mean for WordPress & Open Source?

This guide looks at the impact of the GDPR with special regard to website admins, owners and developers – primarily those using the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, as well as those using Google’s Google Workspace.

Silicon Dales are accredited WooCommerce developers, as well as Google Partners reselling Google Workspace to business clients inside and outside of the European Union. While this content is primarily expected to be of interest to those in a similar position, it is likely that this explanation may well be of interest to webmasters, developers, web and PR agencies, business owners, as well as senior executives looking to come up to speed with GDPR, in the context of what this might mean for their web operations.

There is also some discussion of the wider WordPress and Open Source community and how the challenges of GDPR might be addressed within that context.

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How to declare WooCommerce support in your theme

Received a WooCommerce help SOS through our contact form, so here is the simple answer to a question we’ve been asked more than once! Declaring WooCommerce theme support is really important after WooCommerce 3.3.0 – if your theme does not contain this in functions.php, then there’s a good chance any woocommerce templates you add to …

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