Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Docs

Have you ever been on Google Docs and wondered “isn’t there some shortcut key for that?!?”

Quite often, there is. Below are many of the popular keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs. Hint: you can find these while you are in Google Docs by pressing ctrl + / (on Windows) and obtain the full list at any time. But, since you’re here, the list is below, too!

In case you were Googling around for a precise shortcut, and in order that you might land here and learn of that full list, below it is reproduced for your knowledge…

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Popular keyboard shortcuts (Windows users)

Text formatting

Clear formattingCtrl+\ or Ctrl+Space

Paragraph formatting

Apply ‘Normal text’Ctrl+Alt+0 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-0
Apply ‘Heading 1’Ctrl+Alt+1 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-1
Apply ‘Heading 2’Ctrl+Alt+2 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-2
Apply ‘Heading 3’Ctrl+Alt+3 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-3
Apply ‘Heading 4’Ctrl+Alt+4 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-4
Apply ‘Heading 5’Ctrl+Alt+5 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-5
Apply ‘Heading 6’Ctrl+Alt+6 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-6
Left align textCtrl+Shift+L
Center align textCtrl+Shift+E
Right align textCtrl+Shift+R
Justify textCtrl+Shift+J
Toggle numbered listCtrl+Shift+7
Toggle bulleted listCtrl+Shift+8

With objects

Resize largerCtrl+Alt+K
Resize smallerCtrl+Alt+J


Insert link…Ctrl+K
Find and replace…Ctrl+H
Define wordCtrl+Shift+Y
Copy formattingCtrl+Alt+C
Paste formattingCtrl+Alt+V
Switch to editingCtrl+Alt+Shift+Z
Switch to suggestingCtrl+Alt+Shift+X
Switch to viewingCtrl+Alt+Shift+C


Insert or move to headerCtrl+Alt+O Ctrl+Alt+H
Insert or move to footerCtrl+Alt+O Ctrl+Alt+F
Insert footnoteCtrl+Alt+F
Move to next headingCtrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+H
Move to previous headingCtrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+H
Move to next heading 1Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+1
Move to previous heading 1Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+1
Move to next heading 2Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+2
Move to previous heading 2Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+2
Move to next heading 3Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+3
Move to previous heading 3Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+3
Move to next heading 4Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+4
Move to previous heading 4Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+4
Move to next heading 5Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+5
Move to previous heading 5Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+5
Move to next heading 6Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+6
Move to previous heading 6Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+6
Move into current footnoteCtrl+Alt+E Ctrl+Alt+F
Move to next misspellingCtrl+’
Move to previous misspellingCtrl+;


File menuAlt+Shift+F
Edit menuAlt+Shift+E
View menuAlt+Shift+V
Insert menuAlt+Shift+I
Format menuAlt+Shift+O
Tools menuAlt+Shift+T
Add-ons menuAlt+Shift+N
Count wordsCtrl+Shift+C
Table menuAlt+Shift+B
Help menuAlt+Shift+H
Context menuCtrl+Shift+\ or Ctrl+Shift+X


Add commentCtrl+Alt+M
Open comments thread…Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A
Enter current commentCtrl+Alt+E Ctrl+Alt+C
Move to next commentCtrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+C
Move to previous commentCtrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+C

Any problems? Leave a comment below

Have you had issues getting keyboard shortcuts to work with Google Docs? Leave a comment below. As we’re Google Workspace resellers, we know where most of the settings can live – and also we deal regularly with clients who run into issues using their software often. Usually, its just a question of finding the feature or knowing where to look. Leaving a comment here allows others to share in your learning, too, and its a great way to figure out “hey I didn’t know it could even do that!”

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