Give your WordPress website some TLC this Valentine’s

Every WordPress website needs tender loving care, to keep up with the latest versions of software, new browsers & devices and the latest security patches.

To give your users the best experience possible, make sure your website gets the TLC it deserves with our checklist below:

The Silicon Dales WordPress TLC Checklist

  1. Backup your website.
  2. Update to the latest version of WordPress*.
  3. Update all plugins and extensions*.
  4. Update the theme*.
  5. Update your hosting environment to the latest versions of php and MySQL*.
  6. Optimise your database.
  7. Serve your permalinks faster.
  8. Test your page load speeds and consider optimising images, deleting plugins and upgrading your hosting, to get a faster loading website (full guide here).
  9. Get a security certificate.
  10. Add a security plugin to your WordPress install – we recommend Wordfence.
  11. Setup alerts on Pingdom or Status Cake to get a notification if your site become unavailable for any reason.
  12. Add some new content & edit or refresh old pages.
  13. Make sure inbound links you control are up to date i.e. business listings, social media profiles.

*For large, complex or critical websites you may need to test updates in a staging environment.

You’re all done – your website users will now start to feel the love, with a fast, secure, relevant and up-to-date experience. Search engines love this stuff too!

Want Some Help?

If you don’t have the time to do all of the above, or you want some help, just let us know. Silicon Dales can provide a quote for your WordPress website TLC.

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