How to Measure the Speed of your Website from Around the World

There are lots of tools out there which help us to track, and measure, the speed of a website.

You can install bits and pieces into various browsers. You can visit a variety of web tools, too.

But which is the best method?

Well, assuming you only want to occasionally check the page load times of your website in the USA and Europe, then we recommend the tools section of

Just click here, enter the domain, or specific URL you want to check, and the location, and hit “go” – you’ll see everything broken down to your hearts desire!

Context For Your Page Load Times – What is a “Fast” or “Slow” Website?

Information is meaningless without context, though, so what is a fast website?

Generally speaking, your website is fast if it loads in under, say, half a second on a tool such as Pingdom. It is “slow” if it takes more than a couple of seconds.

Is page load time important?

Yes! It is important for 2 reasons, which flow from each other:

  1. People dislike slow websites. While loading, they click the “back” button to go back to Google; or, they click the “x” at the top and close your website… too slow.
  2. Search engines (like Google) know that people prefer fast websites, so they rank these higher than the slow ones. For a fact.

So you win and win if your website loads in a second or less!

Can You Do This For Our Business?

Yes we can!

Silicon Dales can build and manage your hosting environment – and website – to ensure that your business website is as fast – and as useful – as possible for your clients and customers. This results in more business for you. Contact us to discuss your digital business needs today.

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