How to Bold Text in Skype

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This tutorial describes how to make text written into Skype display in bold font. This opening paragraph is bold (it is also in italics).

Formatting text in Skype can be somewhat counter-intuitive. Luckily here at Silicon Dales we’ve gone through all the pain on your behalf.

How to format bold text in skype

Here’s how you can bold your text in Skype conversations:



Simply place an asterisk before your targeted text and another closing asterisk afterwards.

3 thoughts on “How to Bold Text in Skype

  1. but how do you emphasize PART of a word in skype?

    *K*ey *A*tomic *B*enefits *O*ffice *O*f *M*ankind?

    that does not show up with the capital letters bolded.

    or say spe*cialis*t? to make a point>

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