How to Customize Your PayPal Checkout with Your Logo

If you use PayPal as a checkout, either on its own, or with other payment gateways and providers, in your online shop, or auction, chances are you’ll want to customise the look and feel of your checkout yo provide your customers with a more seamless transaction process.

This tutorial will help if you use the PayPal Standard gateway in WooCommerce.

If you’re looking to put your own logo or header into a PayPal checkout page, then this is the tutorial for you!

Step 1 – login to PayPal

Pretty simple stuff, go to, type in your PayPal email address and password into the boxes provided.

Step 2 – Go to the “Profile” Page

The Profile page is usually the furthest page to the right in the second row of selections in the menu.

Step 3 – Open “Custom Page Styles”

There will be a few options in your profile page. This will depend upon the products and services you have turned on within PayPal, but there should always be a black heading which reads “Website Payments Standard and Express Checkout” under this, there are a few options. One of them reads Custom page styles – click this one!

Step 4 – Click “Edit”

Assuming that you haven’t created any custom checkout pages before, you should have a “Primary” (that is “default”) page style for your checkouts in this list alone. Select this one, and press the “Edit” button.

Step 5 – Edit Your Page Style

Now we get to the interesting bit.

Fill out all the details in this page.

Enter a FULL URL where it asks for your logo. Logo one (first logo box) should be 190px x 90px. You should place this in an https page (you do have an SSL certificate on your online shop don’t you?!?).

Logo two should be 750px x 90px.

The logos you should point to the image file URL in full (not a page containing the image) i.e.

You may change the background colours or keep them the same – it is up to you. Perhaps change them to the colour of your online store background if you have one.

Step 6 – Preview

Hit the preview button and you can check things look okay. If not, edit again!

Step 7 – Hit “Save”

Press the save button at the bottom and you’re all set. Now, go back to your online shop, and attempt to checkout again – do you get the brand new logo?!

Leave a comment below if you have a problem with this.

Alternatively, contact Silicon Dales if you’d like us to build your website and online shop for you.

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