How to Migrate to WP Engine

Silicon Dales have been very impressed with the WordPress Web Hosting offering over at WP Engine.

From properly formatted caching through to one-click staging environments and allowing Cron jobs, WP Engine is one of the best WordPress-specific hosting providers we’ve seen to date, as well as being reasonably priced for most entry-level clients.

Silicon Dales endorses the hosting provided by WP Engine as suitable and preferable for the majority of WordPress websites.

How to Migrate to WP Engine

Getting Started

Setup a Personal Plan by:

  1. clicking here.
  2. Go to Plans > Scroll down to Personal > Click “Host My Website”
  3. Add your email address, choose an Account Name, pick the datacenter closest to you or your clients, pick PHP 7.0 (ideally), and enter your various details in the rest of the boxes.

Moving Your Website Files to WP Engine

For current Silicon Dales clients: Contact Us with your new WP Engine login details and we’ll complete the migration on your behalf.

For most new users: there’s a migration tool for this in WP Engine. Installing this plugin in your outgoing WP site, and copying in the WP Engine FTP details should be enough to get this moved.

NOTE – pay attention to your installation. The above will usually only move WordPress and its files. If you have content at your domain, outside of WordPress, this will not, by default be migrated. If in doubt, get in touch with us, or ask another expert over at Codeable.

Changing Your Domain Records

For current Silicon Dales clients: Silicon Dales will help you to achieve this.

For most new users: you will then need to point your domain records at WP Engine. There’s a section on this at WP Engine, and the site recommends to use a cname, rather than the domain A records to get this done, however, this may not always be feasible or sensible depending upon your DNS setup. At the simplest, point your domain A records to the IP WP Engine gives you, but remember you will need to change this if you later shuffle around in WP Engine (like if you switch from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 or similar).

Hence they recomend to use cname to point (say) to

How to get WP Engine for Under $20 a Month

This is the one you’ll be interested in if you like to save money…

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