Cloudways Voucher Code – a 20% off Coupon from Silicon Dales

Remember when we told you about our favourite WooCommerce hosts, and we mentioned a service called Cloudways, which gives low cost all-but-instant access to managed cloud hosting which doesn’t cost the Earth, and doesn’t require a sysadmin on your payroll?

Maybe you don’t. Don’t worry, the important thing is: we have scored ourselves a unique Voucher Code for Cloudways, for our clients and regular readers to use on their accounts. Result.

So what is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a managed hosting provider with a twist: they utilise a selection of cloud hosting services to quickly launch pre-configured, optimized applications. They have a pre-built WordPress and a pre-built WooCommerce installation – which is where we run into them most often, as WordPress and officially accredited WooCommerce developers – and we can say that their setup is speedy. Very very speedy indeed. And it, generally, works out of the box, too.

Update 26th June 2019 – Summer Sizzler Offer

Get 30% off for 2 months with the following voucher:


Our Cloudways Voucher Code

The coupon code below, entered on new account signup, will entitle the bearer to 20% off their first bill.


Terms and conditions: this code will get you 20% off your first bill from Cloudways. This code will be valid for 12 months (from March 7th 2018).

Recommended process to use promo code

  1. Visit Cloudways
  2. Signup a new “3 day free trial” account – click the Green button!
  3. Where it says “got a promo code” click that, and enter our code there (pictured below)
  4. Select the latest version of WordPress / WooCommerce as required
  5. Select Vultr (if you won’t need to scale up and down) or select AWS if you think you will need to scale up and down (there is a longer explanation of setting up WooCommerce on AWS here)
  6. Allow this system to build, verify your email and etc.
  7. Follow the process to migrate your WP site or store across (don’t reset your DNS… just yet)
  8. Test and see just how darn fast your site is already… with nothing else done.

Where to put the Coupon Code

Contact Silicon Dales for help

If you’d like help migrating to Cloudways, or with the development or optimization of your WordPress website or WooCommerce store… well, that’s what we do at Silicon Dales, all day, every day. Just contact us.

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