Magento 1 Support End Date – June 2020 – Migrate to WooCommerce with Silicon Dales

Stores using Magento on Commerce 1 (Enterprise Edition) or Open Source 1 (formerly known as Community Edition) will have their software supported by Magento until June 2020. For those store owners looking around before deciding on whether to upgrade to Magento 2, here’s an introduction to how WooCommerce provides a convincing alternative.

Scheduling a change when your software is passing End of Life

Adobe have sunsetted 2 major eCommerce platforms in the last few years: Business Catalyst and Magento 1. Software “end-of-life” (EOL) notifications are always an opportunity, rather than a threat. It gives everyone in your business a chance to look around for new capacity and a different deal.

Why WooCommerce is a Good Choice


The most popular extensions for WooCommerce include Bookings and Subscriptions, which just goes to show how many business owners are looking beyond retail sales to maximise their brand with extras like consultancy, teaching and loot boxes. Start a store, or branch into teaching with an extension such as Sensei or a new business model with Memberships. There are more ways to make money with WooCommerce.

A mature developer ecosystem

There are 2 main ways to find established and trustworthy WooCommerce developers – as recommended by WooCommerce themselves: the Verified WooExperts program and Codeable.

Extensive and established choice of hosting

WooCommerce is a little different to WordPress, hosting-wise, and we have some very specific recommendations here. But it’s all good – the major names: Google, AWS, Vultr, Linode are available through expert managed hosts and there are teams of specialists, such as Silicon Dales, available to help leverage the maximum performance for your store.

Stable and well-supported integrations

The popular integrations for WooCommerce have now been around for years with an impressive support history and active contributor community. Support information is regularly updated and the extensions list on the WooCommerce website is refreshed on a routine basis.


The team at Silicon Dales have clients running 180,000+ SKU’s on sub 2 second page loads – and that’s with a heap of plugins, extensions and integrations. Not every client wants to shout about their stack, so get in touch if you need examples for your platform comparison.

A better way of applying your eCommerce budget

Rather than licencing, with WooCommerce your budget is allocated to the things you want: top performing hosting, expert developer support and software for the capabilities you want in your business. Spend directly on the things you want, and gain the freedom of Open Source software – including at Enterprise level.

Want help moving to WooCommerce?

Get specialist assistance from Silicon Dales to move your Magento store over to WooCommerce. We will help you and your staff transition your sales history, product information and integrations over to a new and more agile sales experience. Put the power into your own hands, move to WooCommerce. Contact us today.

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