Replatforming to WordPress from Adobe Business Catalyst

Following the End of Life announcement from Adobe Business Catalyst, it’s important to get your next CMS lined up. As WordPress experts, Silicon Dales is ideally placed to assist your organisation in replatforming to WordPress, and, where eCommerce is concerned, over to WooCommerce where required.

The Announcements

The announcements about the end of Adobe Business Catalyst were made here and here.

The most important dates are 18th June 2018 – from which developers and agencies won’t be able to fire up new sites for clients, and 26th March 2021, when all Business Catalyst sites will get switched off.

New sites will no longer be available for purchase starting with June 18th, 2018.

Adobe will stop hosting existing sites on Business Catalyst on March 26th, 2020 2021.

There’s some basic information on site migration from Adobe, but all is essentially in the hands of the site owners and admins.

Help from Silicon Dales

Silicon Dales is experienced in replatforming websites, user data, content and even online stores, from a number of different platforms onto WordPress and WooCommerce.

Hold onto credentials, formats, files and more, while gaining all the benefits of a new platform – from speed, to responsiveness and even a fresh look.

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