WordPress Hosting – Best hosts for your website

Clients often ask for our recommendation when buying web hosting for WordPress websites. Here, developer Robin Scott gives guidance on choosing the right home for your WP site.

The below will be updated in future as recommendations are updated.

Best Hosts for WordPress

Here’s a list in order of my personal preference for hosting WordPress.

  1. Kinsta
  2. WP Engine

Best of all worlds: Kinsta

If you think you’d need support and a panel, I would go with Kinsta. It’s a bit more expensive. I would say, though, you get what you pay for with Kinsta.

For most small and medium sized businesses, particularly those with a lower technical comfort level, if you can afford $100 per month for hosting in year one, then take the Kinsta Business 1 plan and you won’t regret it.

Kinsta is hosted on Google’s Cloud Platform with a few configurations that they manage almost completely (infrastructure wise) – so they are hands on, and for the non-technical, this may be a good thing indeed.

Kinsta’s stack is impressive, and can perform really well.

Want awesome support? Try WP Engine

We fully rate WP Engine as a WordPress host. If you have a standard WP site, go there in a heartbeat: the technical stack is reasonably strong, and the support there is excellent.

Want Help Setting it up and Migrating?

Silicon Dales have helped hundreds of WP sites find the right host. Contact us for consultancy or a migration.

Do your own research… or leave a comment

At the end of the day, do your own research, and ask advice from experts… leave a comment below if you’re undecided.

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