Supplying PSD designs

We often work with clients who supply PSD designs for a new website. That’s great and a really helpful start for achieving an end-result that everyone’s happy with.

Here are some points to remember when supplying PSD designs for development:

Responsive Designs

Please supply individual designs for different screen resolutions and devices. Its worth considering the different browsers and devices, but mainly, pick your “break points” and, if you want things styled a certain way for mobile, design this.

These will often reflect decisions about how the site responds to new screen sizes, rather than being entirely different designs.

Its fine to provide desktop designs, then say “one column for tablet” or similar, or “hamburger this menu” – but it does need to at least have been thought about: how the site will look in mobile and tablet (and think vertical and horizontal too). Also, there’s a big difference between our massive desktop screens, and the normal resolution on a laptop, too!


Please use web fonts or alternatively, if you have a font unique to your organisation, please be ready to supply it along with the designs.


Some design elements are sometimes a little tricky to re-create in a dynamically generated PHP website because of the responsiveness (see above) and because of the way different sections of the site are generated. For elements which “float” above others such as long squiggly lines or arrows, please be prepared to supply an SVG, pay more or accept an alternative.

Send us your PSD Designs

Email your PSD designs to for a quote. If your file is too large, please send an email in the first instance and we will arrange collection of the files. Please include any budget, deadline and other constraints.