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At Silicon Dales, our market leading WordPress Maintenance goes way beyond what your hosting support can provide; and free up your team to focus on doing business. We will look after your WordPress website absolutely. Truly, this is the best WordPress Maintenance Service in the business.

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Product Description

Get the peace of mind from having a pre-planned WordPress maintenance schedule backing your mission-critical WP website, with WordPress maintenance from Silicon Dales’ world-class WordPress experts.

Who Needs This?

Are you suffering from the following type of issues:

  • Site breaking on updates;
  • API integration not working;
  • Lost email notifications;
  • Need extra developer support;
  • Other technical gremlins surfacing.

Our Market Leading WordPress Maintenance Service

WordPress Maintenance from Silicon Dales is aimed at serious businesses, and goes way further than automatic updates. It includes:

  • Backup – a variety of back-ups, suited to your business circumstances
  • Updates – including staging, testing and Best Practice version control
  • Monitoring – notifications on uptime, functionality and security
  • Performance – optimization on an on-going basis
  • Tuning – Caching, CDN and Database checks and improvements
  • Transactional email – check logs
  • API maintenance
  • Reporting – keeping you updated on your application and new opportunities

Speed Endurance for your WordPress Website

Once you get fit you have to maintain, right?

Particularly if you have already benefited from our market leading speed optimization services, our WordPress Maintenance is going to allow you to keep that bleeding edge level of performance into the future – 100% hands-free for you – allowing you to get on with business, while your site is powering away into the future.

Stable + fast = world-beating performance.

Whatever your WordPress or WooCommerce setup, Silicon Dales will be able to assist with a seamless background maintenance regime.

Backup Your WordPress

First up, after checking your hosting is correctly configured, we will make sure you have regular, automated, backups – and we will test these to make sure they are actually recoverable (yes, we’ve seen backups that don’t actually work!).

We’ll perform a backup before we do any work on your live website.

Staging Your Updates

Ever had a WordPress update break your live website? Annoying, isn’t it! Also, completely avoidable.

We test all updates first in “staging” which is an absolute replica of your live site. If anything breaks, we work out what, and resolve all the issues, before we push the same update into your live site.

This helps to avoid downtime, and ensures everything is tested before it makes it to your live website. A must for any business – because you never know when your next favourite customer might be visiting your website.

Version Control – for your Whole WordPress site

After we take you on for a maintenance plan, we’ll put your entire site – theme and plugins – and any custom code – into version control. This means that every single little change is documented, and can be rolled back. It means we can post and track issues, in real time, and also you can continuously improve your WordPress application.


We use a variety of monitoring services, from uptime monitoring, to application monitoring (such as New Relic). Which is right for your site will depend a little on your individual needs, but the short answer is we will setup alarms and trigger these so you have our support on hand in case the worst (or best) happens – for example your site hits the top of Reddit or gets shared by a mega-star on Instagram. We’ll be around to make sure the engine keeps running, or we can restart things should this be required.

Dealing with your host support – so you don’t have to

Sometimes, things need to be resolved by hosting support. Argh! Yes, we know, this can be a painful and time consuming experience. Because we deal with hosting support very regularly, we are probably already on first-name terms with the high level support at your host. We trust them and they trust us. As a consequence, we can get stuff done on your behalf, saving you much time, and ensuring better outcomes for your WordPress website, as a result.

Performance Tuning

Once you get fast, you need to maintain! Like with fitness, you don’t just do 1 session in the gym, you need to constantly work to stay in shape, so goes it for your website. We will monitor your WordPress site, and help to point out where performance can be found. If it fits within maintenance, we will make performance tuning a part of your plan, too. If you want to be fast, you will want a high grade maintenance plan to match your ambitions.

API Maintenance

Connections to external services are a big part of most websites. We’ll monitor and maintain your API connections in and out of your WordPress application.

Security and Firewalls

Managed and maintained correctly, behind an adequate firewall, WordPress can be extremely secure and very robust. We will help you to lock down your WordPress – and keep it locked down.


We’ll tell you what work has been undertaken, tell you about bugs, and let you know if we think that there is some additional work that needs doing on your system in regular communications. In addition, we’ll always be around should you have questions about your WordPress website.

2 reviews for WordPress Maintenance Service

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ian Perret – Retail Impact Solutions

    Silicon Dales provided exactly the technical answers we needed as part of a bid for a larger marketing contract. From consultancy and report stage, through to on-going assistance to keep a very big client happy and successful, we’ve been impressed with the level of expertise in server maintenance and WordPress management. I would definitely recommend Silicon Dales for complex WordPress projects and theme development.

    Full Case Study here: https://silicondales.com/case-studies/case-study-multiple-wordpress-installation-system-ris-thirsk-based-marketing-agency/

  2. 5 out of 5

    Peter Griffin

    “They are the first organization we have found to actually know how to tame WooCommerce and deliver what we need to have done to make our sites functional. Very professional.”

    Pete’s Golf Carts & Battery Pete – Case Study here: https://silicondales.com/case-studies/case-study-woocommerce-development-seo-and-content-for-petes-golf-carts/

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The majority of clients pay somewhere between $300 and $5000 per month per site depending on their requirements.

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