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Accelerate your WooCommerce store to peak performance with Silicon Dales’ comprehensive speedup service, designed meticulously for WooCommerce platforms. Engage in insightful initial consultations to delineate your unique needs and navigate through a robust speed optimization process, helmed by verified WooCommerce Expert developers. Beyond merely enhancing frontend speeds, delve deep into holistic optimization, embracing aspects from hosting, PHP version upgrades, advanced MySQL database optimizations, plugin, theme, and code reviews, to strategic image optimization, and sophisticated caching strategies. Target sub-1-second page loads, and if they’re elusive, gain crystal-clear insights into which plugins or codes are the speed bumps on your digital highway, all while safeguarding essential e-commerce functionalities and ensuring your store doesn’t just move, but flies.

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Product Description

Book a full speedup for your WooCommerce store, from the Silicon Dales development team.

This product includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Speed Optimization for WooCommerce
Silicon Dales are verified WooCommerce Expert developers

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, your WooCommerce expert will discuss your business, your hosting environment, any targets and plans, and also talk about good times for carrying out optimization tasks on your store.

The current setup will be covered, so that we can understand where time savings may be made or – perhaps more importantly – which elements must remain, even if they “slow things down” a little.

One example is translations into multiple languages. We’ll be looking for your red lines and learning about any issues you’re currently experiencing.

Things like your current team, your hosting budget, and any potential problems (like old developer went away with logins!) will be covered here.

WooCommerce Speed Optimization

Our WP speed experts will carry out a full speedup service on your installation, in a newly optimized setup, to ensure your site loads fast on all pages. Working to pre-agreed targets in terms of PageSpeed (in your target region(s)), as well as objective measures using tools such as GTmetrix and Pingdom, we’ll speed your site up.

Usual target time is 1 second fully loaded pages on the front end and on the admin. If this cannot be achieved, then we will discuss the causes of slowness, and any deeper cuts which may be necessary. This will usually be a slow performing plugin, theme element, or a piece of custom code. In such cases, we’ll discuss with you the options for removing, refactoring or replacing the “offending” part of your site, to remove the roadblock, and get your site fast.

This is broadly speaking similar to a WordPress speed task, but with additional checks for the eCommerce parts, and specifically, with the addition of a full MySQL database cleanup, including MySQL storage engine changes, version changes, table cleanups – forensically cleaning out data from important tables – in order to gain significant uncached and admin pagespeed and site performance for all queries which hit your database.

At the end – sub-1-second pageloads

You will either be under 1 second per pageload, or you will know exactly which plugin(s) or custom code to cut out in order to be so.

Much more than just Front End speed

This is on the front end and also the admin. Its so much more than just Front End Optimization; in fact, we’ll get into:

  • Hosting optimization
  • PHP version upgrades
  • Apache / Nginx configuration
  • MySQL database optimizations – advanced
    • MySQL table storage engine fixes
    • Indexes added to improve query performance
    • Database tables cleaned up
    • Some data moved to custom tables (where this will aid performance)
    • Further granular fixes, as required
  • Plugin replacement / removal
  • Code / function replacement and review
  • Theme recommendations (up to and including posting issues in your theme developer’s Github to help iron out slow performing queries)
  • Plugin recommendations
  • Advanced image optimization – including strategies you can use in the future
  • Image scaling – using custom code if necessary
  • Installation of a child theme if necessary (to hold custom code)
  • Minification of JS, CSS and HTML
  • Concatenation of JS, CSS and HTML
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup
  • Asynchronous loading of JS / CSS (where possible)
  • Critical (above the fold) CSS techniques (where possible)
  • Full page caching setup
  • Cache preloading
  • Varnish configuration – advanced
  • Memcached configuration – advanced
  • Redis configuration – advanced

This list isn’t exhaustive and we’re working on new enhancements all the time.

1 review for WooCommerce Speed Optimization Service

  1. 5 out of 5

    Michael Sammer

    “We have been experiencing an incredible amount of traffic lately and our website started to struggle with it. Speed and reliability are very important to us and even more so to our customers. We are very grateful that Silicon Dales managed to successfully identify the bottle necks of our website, solve the related scaling problems and deal with any future traffic spikes very efficiently.”

    Full case study here: https://silicondales.com/case-studies/case-study-one-off-big-traffic-optimization-fairyloot/

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