WordPress Speed Optimization Service

From: $150.00 (per hour)

Who Needs This?

Are you suffering from:

  • Slow admin / dashboard performance
  • Bad page speed scores (Pingdom, Yslow, GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights)
  • Slow mobile loading times
  • High bounce rates
  • Poor SEO performance despite trying everything in the book!
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Product Description

Here, when we talk about optimization, we’re specifically talking about making WordPress websites fast. Really, really fast. On the front-end, and in the admin side too. Our WP speed optimized client’s see their pages loading in under 0.5 seconds, globally. They are the fastest sites on the web, running WordPress, a powerhouse CMS, driving around 33% of the web. Not to be confused with our Search Engine Optimization services (though speed is a major factor over there, too).

It’s WordPress, only way, way faster 🙂

Our WordPress Speed Optimization Service

“Make my WordPress blazing fast!”

We know. Your PageSpeed is important for every possible reason. Users are impatient. Search engines like to promote sites which please their users… if your site takes 4 seconds to load up, well, it’s just embarrassing, too.

If you’re looking for a page speed optimization service, this is the product for you.

Time is money

We deal with business WordPress installations, and time is money, in every possible way, including time wasted by your team waiting for admin pages to load up.

Web speed test results – Silicon Dales booking website, March 2018

Speed optimization == Search Engine Optimization

Google and other search engines love websites that real people love. This means they like fast websites. They like websites which render quickly on a mobile, over a bad connection. In short, speed optimization is a large part of SEO. Its probably the biggest single win you can get for search engine optimizing.

Pingdom speed test results for this page, March 2018

Speed optimizations just for WP sites

So for this reason, we provide a comprehensive speed optimization service to the many great businesses out there who use WordPress to manage content.

Google PageSpeed Insights ranking for book.silicondales.com for Mobile & Desktop, March 2018

Get better scores for your site

Testing your site with GTmetrixPingdom or Google’s PageSpeed insights, and/or scoring badly when you check PageSpeed or Yslow? Our service will help push your scores close to 100 on PageSpeed and Yslow. Usually, we will aim for 90+ or 95+ (depending on your specific site and what is achievable) as well as an actual speed target for your region(s).

Handle more traffic

In most cases, a good optimization will mean your setup will be able to handle more concurrent traffic. So, for those high load times or special promotional events, a well optimized site will give you the ability to promote your WordPress website with confidence.


We work with you to identify relevant considerations, discover necessary logins as well as pitch the solution at the needs of your business and team.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Using a standard checklist, an expert WordPress developer will work to optimize your WordPress website based on the parameters contained in the report from your consultation.

Much more than just Front End speed

This is on the front end and also the admin. Its so much more than just Front End Optimization; in fact, we’ll get into:

  • Hosting optimization
  • PHP version upgrades
  • Apache / Nginx configuration
  • MySQL database optimizations – advanced
  • Plugin replacement / removal
  • Code / function replacement and review
  • Theme recommendations (up to and including posting issues in your theme developer’s Github to help iron out slow performing queries)
  • Plugin recommendations
  • Advanced image optimization – including strategies you can use in the future
  • Image scaling – using custom code if necessary
  • Installation of a child theme if necessary (to hold custom code)
  • Minification of JS, CSS and HTML
  • Concatenation of JS, CSS and HTML
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup
  • Asynchronous loading of JS / CSS (where possible)
  • Critical (above the fold) CSS techniques (where possible)
  • Full page caching setup
  • Cache preloading
  • Varnish configuration – advanced
  • Memcached configuration – advanced
  • Redis configuration – advanced

Hosting Environment

Whether you need lightning fast high-traffic resilience on the first Tuesday of every month in New York, or just a general site improvement worldwide all the time, we know the options available on all major WordPress hosting services.


Every WordPress website and associated business has its own caching needs and we will deploy the most appropriate caching solutions for your situation.

Image Handling

Optimizing, crunching, serving through a CDN, we know how to get your image files under control and get them to your website visitors faster than ever before.

Database Management

Optimizing databases, crunching queries, deleting long lost tables – we have all the tricks of the trade for knocking your database into shape.

Content Delivery Network

Based on the business imperatives identified during your consultation, we will setup, amend or optimize your CDN to get the best for your business.


Work could be on-going forever to get your site faster and better optimized. Sometimes the work on a client site goes very smoothly and there is some developer time left over which can be used for the minute detail of optimization. This might only increase site speed by an imperceptible amount for users, but will count in a small way towards Search Engine Optimization and competing against other websites. These items at the end of the checklist are often unnecessary, but can be the icing on the cake when they are done.


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How long will it take?

Usually with 5 – 10 working days, though some speed-up changes might be booked in for a longer lead time to give your team members the opportunity to adjust (for example when changing mail or messaging services).

How much will it cost?

The usual range for the majority of clients is $400 – $3000. The price depends on the complexity of your setup and the amount of remedial work required to achieve a quick page load. This range is priced in USD as an industry standard though you will be billed in your local currency and VAT only where applicable.

Is there any ongoing commitment?

Speed-up clients will usually be offered on-going maintenance in order to stay fast even with new updates, plugins and the constant addition of new order data. This will be discussed with you once the speed up is completed and is not obligatory.

How do I get started?

Click the “Request a Quote” button and fill in the form or else email getintouch@silicondales.com giving as many details as possible.

Will I need to change hosts?

As ever, it depends, but often a change of host is often the simplest way to achieve large speed gains without necessarily even touching the application. To see if you’re already on one of our recommended hosts, view our recommended WordPress hosts page.