Finding Us on Automattic’s

Automattic, the owners of, have recently setup a WordPress professionals directory, which they’re calling

You can find us (well, me, actually, as, like with Codeable, they’ve gone down the “human profile page” route (nudge 😉 ) and our profile has a human face… mine), at the following link:

Its pretty cool that they’ve found a way to connect up my old profile, and feed in recent support queries.

So if you wanted to book us through there – though you could just use the contact page on this website, since you’re already here – you now can.

As the world of open source software is becoming more and more mature, we’re seeing things like this spring up, which are designed to help business users with a problem connect with serious, and able, developers.

We’re accredited / listed / engaging with the ones that count, like WordPress, Google, AWS, WooCommerce, HP, IBM and several others already.

We’re also partnering with some really exciting stuff which ties it all together.

The principle benefit will be reaped by our business clients: with this selection of top grade, (mainly) open source, professionally (by us) managed software, you’ll be able to shred your licencing costs and get on with powering up your business for future growth.

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