CROM – Check-up & Report, Optimization, Maintenance

CROM is the new service from Silicon Dales or, rather, a new way of presenting the work we’ve been doing for the past ten years. Every new client goes through a period of review, fix-up and on-going support. CROM standardizes that process so both client and developer can see in advance how we work and what to expect.

In this instance, the CROM approach applies primarily to WordPress and WooCommerce projects, but the principles can be used in G Suite deployments and other IT & digital settings.

Check-up & Report

Full WordPress website code review and information gathering on your business objectives and how your team structure operates. Technical specifications and documentation are produced identifying how your system currently works and ways in which it may be optimized or made to run more efficiently.

The Check-up & Report process includes mapping your business data journey: whether website leads to a CRM or WooCommerce sales data into your accountancy package, we collect information on any integrations, API’s or custom code to make sure that your current setup can be at least maintained or potentially improved upon.

A time and price quote for improvements will be included with the report. This will also identify which work is essential before your system is fit for a maintenance contract.


Optimization can be a straight-up make-my-WordPress-website-faster task, or, more generally, it covers the improvement work outlined in your CROM Report.

Optimization is offered as either a set speed improvement job, or a tailored project aimed at stabilising your setup and making overall improvements.


Once your WordPress setup is stable and optimized, Silicon Dales offer an on-going relationship with a full contract and Service Level Agreement.

Get the peace of mind from having a pre-planned maintenance schedule with world-class WordPress and WooCommerce experts. A full staging, testing and update program will be agreed with your specific business needs in mind.

Get ahead of your WordPress updates and ahead of the competition with specialist development from Silicon Dales.

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