Check-Up & Report

The Check-up & Report process is a great way to get a good overview of how your WordPress install fits with your overall business. A full report will help you plan for any improvements, including a full time & cost analysis. Future planning will help you think ahead for other elements of the business, not just how your website looks.

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Code Review

A full WordPress website code review will be undertaken. Information will be gathered on your business objectives and how your team structure operates. Technical specifications and documentation are then produced identifying how your system currently works and ways in which it may be optimized or made to run more efficiently.

Supporting Integrations & Custom Code

The Check-up & Report process includes mapping your business data journey: whether website leads fed into a CRM or WooCommerce sales data shared with your accountancy package, we collect information on any integrations, API’s or custom code to make sure that your current setup can be at least maintained or potentially improved upon.

Quote for Work

A time and price quote for improvements will be included with the report. This will also identify which work is essential before your system is suitably ready for a maintenance contract with Silicon Dales.

Procurement Requirements

The Check-Up & Report is ideal for organizations which have to demonstrate value-for-money in procurement. The technical specifications produced during the report stage allow your organization to invite competing bids for the project and get a clear view of the market price for the work.

Silicon Dales will even support clients to source alternative providers to provide quotes based on the tech specs.

Get a Quote - Check-Up & Report

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