Installing XCache on Amazon EC2

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We’ve been benchmarking Amazon EC2 server instances for some highly complicated PHP applications over the past week. During this time, we’ve discovered that XCache is perhaps the best opcode caching product for our purposes. If anyone would like a walkthrough for installing XCache on an Amazon EC2 instance, simply leave a comment below and we …

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Installing APC on Amazon EC2 Instance

Some time ago, I wrote a short blog post explaining how to go about installing XCache on an Amazon EC2 instance to help with opcode caching. More recently, we’ve begun using APC for similar reasons, with excellent results, including on Amazon EC2 Micro instances, which can be used under their free usage tier to run …

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How to Update Linux on Amazon EC2 with Yum

It’s really quite straightforward to update your Amazon EC2 instance to the latest versions: Login with your secure key via your terminal window; then Type “Sudo -i” and hit enter Type “yum update” and hit enter Hit “Y” to agree to the updates Wait for the software to carry out the update. That’s it! The …

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