How to whitelist your IP in WordFence so you don’t get locked out

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Are you using WordFence to secure your WordPress application? Have you been doing some admin action, like scanning for some file, or loading lots of pages which keeps triggering the firewall and blocking you out? Whatever it is you’d like to do, it can make a lot of sense to whitelist your IP address (or …

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How to setup your own Nameservers with Namecheap

Namecheap allows you to host your own nameservers, and therefore point your domains at your VPS or dedicated server‘s IP address more quickly in future, by doing the following: Note you only need to do this once, for the domain with which you will host the nameservers. Your future domains (assuming they reside on the …

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Amazon Cloudfront – More Bang for your Buck!

Silicon Dales’ hosting clients can get a dedicated IP address and Cloudfront hosting by Amazon. Speed up your website and increase your search rankings! How Does It Work? Amazon CloudFront takes static content from your website (the stuff that doesn’t change much) and hosts it in the cloud – all around the world. So, when …

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