Amazon Cloudfront – More Bang for your Buck!

Silicon Dales’ hosting clients can get a dedicated IP address and Cloudfront hosting by Amazon.

Speed up your website and increase your search rankings!

How Does It Work?

Amazon CloudFront takes static content from your website (the stuff that doesn’t change much) and hosts it in the cloud – all around the world.

So, when a new customer in Singapore takes a look at your website, Amazon delivers the majority of your website lightning fast from the nearest Amazon server in Asia.

The only parts which have to travel from your own server are those you recently updated.

Speeding up your website in this way has a positive effect on your search engine rankings in two ways: fast websites are user-friendly, encouraging longer stays and more clicks – all the hallmarks of a good website. In addition, bounce rates are reduced because users are unlikely to get bored waiting for a site to load and therefore hit the “back button”.

Dedicated IP addresses make it easier for search engines to separate your website out from “bad neighbourhoods” or shared servers.

When you rent a slice of someone else’s server, there are sometimes hundreds of other websites which share the same web profile. If some of those other website are blacklisted by search engines, you might be tarred with the same broad brush.

By having an individualized IP address, search engines are forced to treat your website as an individual standalone website and take a second look.

So How Do I Get This?

Simply Get in Touch and the staff at Silicon Dales will be happy to help.

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