Planning and Financing a Large Website Project

Business client handshake at meeting table

Large website projects might include a big or complex site, or a simple site reflecting a complex business. Either way, Silicon Dales has the expertise to help you get a great site built on budget and on time. In this guide, you will find points to consider and advice on choosing an approach from industry …

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Can you rank a website with just traffic?

If you’re in any SEO groups around the web, there has been chatter recently about ranking websites with just traffic. For years we’ve all been on about quality content and links. This has always made sense. If you build a website that has quality content, and then carefully build relevant and high quality backlinks, all …

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Case Study: One-off Big Traffic Optimization for Fairyloot

Fairy Loot booked Silicon Dales to optimize their WooCommerce site for their monthly subscription sign-up, which sees a huge traffic spike over the the course of a few hours. The Client Here at FairyLoot, Young Adult fiction is our forte, and we want each and every one of our boxes to be a special experience …

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