We currently offer two different Optimization services:

Standard WordPress Optimization Task

Our developers run through a standard checklist of WordPress speed optimization best practices. They will work with you to improve your hosting environment, caching, image handling, database management, Content Delivery Network and more.

WooCommerce Optimization

As a (very big and beautiful) WordPress plugin, WooCommerce requires some specialised optimizations, not least because of the custom post types and taxonomies the plugin introduces. New CRUD classes coming to WooCommerce, and core improvements to WordPress itself are helping to speed the software up, but, right now, WooCommerce can sometimes suffer from a few common points of slow performance, like, slow admin pages, slow product pages, slow order pages and more.

If you’re suffering from WordPress admin pages which load in – say – over 1 second, then you could easily benefit from some optimization from Silicon Dales.

Just contact us to book an optimization for your site. Please note that we usually recommend a checkup and review to open this task, because most WordPress & WooCommerce sites contain (for example) plugins and extensions which were once needed, but actually on review, we often decide these can be cut out. So we like to start by auditing the site, before we optimize. What’s better than making a database table faster? Removing that table altogether because we showed it wasn’t needed.

In other words, we like to take a holistic approach to optimizing your site: we like to consider what each part of your website is supposed to be doing, and making sure we don’t run round the houses when we could be going straight in the front door.

Tailored WordPress Optimization Service

The tailored service treats your WordPress install as a part of your wider business. Using the recommendations from your Check-up & Report, our developers will work with you to create a faster, more efficient, business-oriented WordPress install and may work on new functionality and new processes to help support your business objectives.

Get a Quote - Optimization

Request Silicon Dales team provide a quote for optimizing your WordPress or WooCommerce website. Filling out the form places you under no obligation to purchase, but will help us to assess your needs.
  • What's your pinchpoint? Admin load times? Checkout snags? Do you have a big promotional event coming up?
  • Which web hosting provider do you use and which package?
  • Any further information on your setup: caching, DNS, CDN, API's and more. If you don't know, don't worry, we'll walk you through it, or discover it for ourselves.
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