Banking and Investments

Banks, investment funds and financial products and services have unique marketing challenges and there’s a lot that can be done to promote them with websites, landing pages and digital marketing.

Targeted promotion

Digital marketing provides a great opportunity to hyper-target those customers who you just know will love your products and services. Make sure you only spend advertising dollars on the right groups with targeted advertising and on-message marketing funnels.

Overcoming the hurdles

Getting customers to switch from other banks or financial products can be difficult. Your website and marketing can help to make the switching process as smooth as possible to help your new customers over the hurdle. Everything from simple online forms and automated reminders emails, through to live chat with your customer support staff. Provide every assistance to break through the barrier.

Including the small print

With financial products, it’s especially important to ensure all messaging is responsible and lawful. There are many ways to present the small print to help your customers feel informed and empowered: from FAQ’s to short explainer videos, there’s always something that can be done to make the T’s & C’s more accessible and bite-sized.

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