WooCommerce Optimization Service

Make my WooCommerce website blazing fast – in the front end and the admin pages!

Got a slow WooCommerce website? Think your store could be faster? You’re in good company here: Silicon Dales are expert WooCommerce developers who focus on optimizing WooCommerce stores for our clients.

A WooCommerce Speed Optimization Service

This is a specific service, from WooExpert developers, which will make Woo stores blazing fast. If you have a non-Woo WordPress site, see our WordPress Optimization Service, which is generally not quite as complex, owing to the lack of eCommerce functionality.

WooCommerce can be Fast

WordPress + WooCommerce, with our help, can scale up to huge heights, and mix it with the biggest stores out there, both in terms of huge numbers of products and huge numbers of orders. There are some technical challenges, which we have overcome for our clients many times, including in the hosting, the database structure, the organization of content, and also, the way your store is setup and used.

We pick the low hanging fruit

In short, there’s a lot of “low hanging fruit” and also (see below) some diminishing returns where gains can be made to make every page on your site load in under 0.5 seconds, front and backend.

Web speed test results - Silicon Dales booking website, March 2018
Web speed test results – Silicon Dales booking website, March 2018

If your site is not running at this type of blazing speed right now, then please do get in touch today and book Silicon Dales to put some speed into your store.

Those low hanging fruit include

Some of the processes we do for the above level of speed would include:

  • Image optimization
  • Code optimization
  • Caching configuration
  • Hosting migration and configuration
  • Plugin audits
  • Theme consultancy

More Advanced Optimizations

As well as the above, in order to make additional gains, particularly in terms of “uncached” pageload time (which is super important for eCommerce sites, where carts, checkouts, and admin pages are frequently used, and cannot (all) be cached, owing to… well, transactions!), we also perform some really granular fixes, such as:

  • MySQL Database optimizations
  • MySQL data storage engine optimizations
  • MySQL configuration fixes
  • PHP version advice and configuration
  • Query monitoring and optimization
  • Plugin re-writing or replacement
  • Theme re-writing or replacement
  • HTTP accelerator configuration (i.e. Varnish)
  • Opcode caching configuration (i.e. memcached)
  • Full code reviews

Speed Optimization is Good for Users & Search

The search and user experience benefits (both for your visitors and your team) are more than worth it. When you’ve had your store speed increase by Silicon Dales, you’ll wish you’d done it a long time ago.

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