How to Transfer/Move Vhosts in Plesk to Utilise Extra Storage

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Let’s imagine, for a moment, you inherited – or setup – a dedicated server which runs Plesk version … whatever … and attached to that server you have some mounted storage. All of your websites are taking up the space, though, and you want to move the entire virtual hosts, contents, and whatever into your …

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Find out Apache, MySQL, PHP (etc) versions via Plesk

Are you running Plesk on your dedicated server or VPS? Do you want or need to know what version of MySQL, PHP, Apache – or anything else – your box is running, to relate to a client or stakeholder? If you would like to find your Apache version and you do not have Plesk, click …

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Plesk Tutorial – Export all Domains to CSV

We manage a few dedicated servers running multiple WordPress installations on behalf of clients, and in several cases it is expedient and user friendly for us to do this using the Parallels Plesk product. Plesk has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and Plesk Onyx shows where effort has really been made, …

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