Case Study: Las Vegas WordPress Magazine “OffTheStrip”

The Client serves Las Vegas locals and lovers with top quality news, reviews and pointers about the people, food and attractions that make the city such a great place to be.

The Task

Redesign and optimize a WordPress based magazine website to enhance user experience and – as a result – improve search engine performance.

Silicon Dales designed and implemented a groundbreaking AMP-native WordPress website, to create a super-fast experience for website visitors from search engines.

The result is a great-looking magazine site showcasing beautiful photography and original content from reporters on-the-ground in Vegas – but without the lag often experienced on high-end glossy publications.

What the client said

Jenna Nye from OTS media said:

“Silicon Dales made the site load so much faster than we ever expected and we immediately saw the benefit in our search performance.”

Jenna Nye, OTS Media

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