Case Study: Social Mums – Reviews and Events Website is a reviews and events website which invites mums around Australia to join in trying out and reviewing new products.

Silicon Dales assisted the team from Social Mums to present user reviews in a visually appealing way and to make those reviews both searchable & filterable. The site also underwent some cosmetic upgrades from a new footer to a slick new slider on the homepage.

As every community host knows, collecting email addresses is key. So the Silicon Dales team also installed a pop-up box for gathering subscribers. The pop-up had to be as elegant as the rest of the website and contain a cookie to ensure that visitors to the site would only ever be prompted once in a month.

One of the most common tasks undertaken for every type of client, is to create a staging environment and then rollout upgrades to a live website. This is the best practice for all high usage websites and worked seamlessly for the Social Mums team.

Christie Nicholas said of the project:

The team at Silicon Dales have been very patient, accessible, thorough. They have worked through every question we had with the site so that we were satisfied our requirements have been met.

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