Cyber Monday Deal – Free WordPress Security Consultation @ Codeable

There’s a great Cyber Monday deal for all you WordPress webmasters out there!

Our friends at Codeable are offering a Free WordPress Security Consultation to any WordPress webmaster on Cyber Monday, whether you have a Codeable account already or not!

This is a huge offer, as Codeable devs (which we are proud to say we are!) are very thoroughly vetted for quality before they go onto the program and, even more, they are being paid for this 1 hour consultation, meaning you’re getting a valuable consult for free. Absolutely nothing. As in beer!

Click here to visit Codeable, find out more, and sign up now.

Happy Cyber Monday! Look after your WordPress website and it will look after you…

Please note Silicon Dales are registered developers on Codeable, and also affiliates of Codeable. This offer will absolutely end at 23:59 UTC on Monday 28 November 2016. So, even if you don’t have time for the consult, book it today for later in the week!

Get This Deal!

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