Introducing the “WP Rocket” WordPress Plugin

In this post, we describe the main features of the WP Rocket WordPress plugin.

Please note, Silicon Dales are WP Rocket affiliates.

What WP Rocket Say

“Fast loading times whether you are a beginner or a performance expert.

We apply Web Performance best practices as soon as it’s activated.”

What We Say

Silicon Dales use WP Rocket almost every day.

As far as caching plugins go, WP Rocket is one of the best, and also quite possibly the easiest to setup.

It is a Premium Plugin, which means it carries a fee to use, but this is balanced well by the speed boost it can give most websites.

Recommended Quick Setup

We recommend: turn all features on, and see if your site works as it should. Be sure to check incognito / private browsing and from a new machine, as you may well have cached some styles in your browser. If you’re lucky (actually more often than not this is down to “not having too much jQuery / JS”) you will find everything works as expected with the settings turned up the maximum.

If display is looking strange, then start to turn off JS and CSS concatenation, then minification, one at a time, until you find the culprit. Keep turning things off until it looks “okay” to you. This is your base level. You will more than likely need a developer to work through the specifics – its worth contacting Silicon Dales at this point, as we can work through the necessary steps to get everything turned on.

Price & Options

A subscription entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase.

Multi-site discounts available. Prices start from $39

Well supported

WP Media employs 10 people worldwide to provide a good level of support and development on this plugin.

Need help with WP Rocket?

Need help installing or customizing this extension? Book Silicon Dales or alternatively post your WordPress task onto Codeable.

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  1. I already use WP Rocket for 2 years and there is no trouble about it, still fine and increase my money site’s traffic..


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