Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) services for you eCommerce store or WordPress website from experts at Silicon Dales.

With a primarily “in site” focus, we can audit your properties, and provide industry leading, bleeding edge, Search Engine Optimization products.

We setup your tools, research your competitors, organise your website content and report back with the impact of on-page work and outreach.

PDF’s and video walk-throughs give you an empowered overview of your website search engine ranking and how it is being improved with the assistance of Silicon Dales.

Additionally, we’ll stay with it, in longer term, monthly plans, which are preferable to delivering consistently improving search engine performance. We’re in it for the long haul. Are you?

Search Engine Optimization Services for Business

Why pay for SEO?

Simply put: if you don’t have the resources “in house”, paying for SEO is often an easier way for a business to quickly gain traction, without the need to recruit and retain a skilled person to manage search performance for a website or eCommerce site.

Timeless Work

Often, things like page organization or tools setup are done once, infrequently, and the justification for paying a full-time in-house SEO isn’t there.


Further, at Silicon Dales, our skilled SEO experts know how to organize websites and promotion for maximum conversions. Our team has a wealth of experience and track record working on this specific area of website promotion.

Continuous Development

Search engines and web habits are changing rapidly and here at Silicon Dales we take time to monitor and adapt to new trends. Our team monitor new updates from the major search engines, as well as the impact on sites,  making sure that our SEO work is the latest best practice.

SEO for Businesses

Competing online with other businesses that have similar products and services to you, is now more crowded than ever. If you don’t have a presence online, it’s likely you are leaving a large portion of potential revenue on the table. Having a website is simply not enough, to generate leads and customers to your business. Your competition is working daily to generate traffic to their website, and you need to also. If you don’t you certainly will be left behind, and at worst, end up closing your doors.

We exist to help businesses like yours improve your search engine ranking in Google and the other search engines, to generate more targeted traffic for your business.

Why you need SEO

There are many different ways to generate traffic to your website, and if done properly, all strategies have their place. However search engine optimization, is a proven long term strategy to drive organic search engine traffic to your business. Occupying a search engine ranking for a relevant keyword can greatly increase the targeted traffic to your business, e-commerce store or information website. If you can occupy search engine rankings in the top 3 positions in Google, it’s likely you will be exposed to around 80% of the entire search traffic for that particular keyword or phrase.

How does Search Engine Optimization work?

Understanding how Google and the other search engines view and read a website or webpage, is key to developing an SEO campaign and strategy that will work for your business in your market.  As Google still represents around 85% of all internet organic searches, we focus on this search engine with the development of our strategies. Google uses upwards of 200 rankings signals to serve a page in the search engines that is relevant to a particular search query. It wants to deliver the most appropriate and relevant page for what the searcher is actually looking for. Some of the signals Google uses include (but not limited to):

  • webpage relevance to the search query;
  • website legitimacy (entity establishment) – the search engine asks “is this website a “real” website”;
  • website age – an older more mature website is likely legitimate;
  • content – the web page should have relevant content to the search query;
  • endorsement – this may include past website visitor traffic, inbound links, bounce rate and time on page;
  • trust – is the website a trusted and authority source for that particular search phrase;
  • site page load speed – a faster website is likely a better user experience

While the above is only a sample of the ranking signals, these are important attributes of any website or web page that need to be present to give that page the best possible chance of appearing higher in the search engine rankings.

Why Choose Us For Your SEO?

Not only are we expert developers of WordPress, our team has extensive experience in planning and implementing successful search engine optimization campaigns for local, national and international businesses. We use a data driven model. Rather than implementing a cookie cutter strategy (like some agencies will do) we take the time to complete in-depth analysis on all sites prior to implementation. No one campaign is the same and website and web pages react differently in different markets and different locations.

Part of this approach involves reverse-engineering the competitive landscape of the existing market or target phrase. In most cases there is no need to reinvent the wheel. By carefully analysing the top performing sites in any market, we can develop a matrix that provides and indication of what is working and what is not. This allows us to carefully plan a strategy for a site with the accumulated data.

We don’t take on just any site

When you approach us for an expert SEO campaign, you need to be aware we may not take your site on as a candidate. Not every site or client is the best fit for a campaign. While other agencies will take on every client that comes their way, we want to make sure we can provide you a result. So what does this mean? If we decide that your site is not a good fit, it maybe for a number of reasons:

  • you are looking for immediate results and a quick fix. SEO is playing the long game, and typically results are not immediate. While generally we can make significant improvements in a matter of months, it can take between 6 months and a year to really gain traction in the marketplace. Having said that, it happens frequently that editing on page issues with a site can have very fast results if poorly optimised initially.
  • you don’t have sufficient budget. We invest heavily in every campaign, both in time and tools. These don’t come cheap, so you need to understand the value.
  • your site is on the wrong platform. There are some CMS that simply are not set up correctly to rank. This may be due to structure or coding. In this case we normally would recommend you migrate to an appropriate platform before investing in SEO.
  • legacy issues. From time to time we are asked to fix a site already has had an SEO campaign implemented, with by the site owner or another agency. While many of these are recoverable, it also it sometimes best to scrap a site and start fresh with a solid foundation.

What types of SEO do we do?

E-commerce SEO:

Working with e-commerce sites is different to a local or business website. While many of the foundation SEO principles are the same, the way they are implemented can be very different. Online stores present unique challenges that require unique strategies.

We have a large portfolio of E-Commerce clients, and we are very good at generating more traffic, sales, and customers with not only optimization, but our overall digital marketing efforts. E-commerce platforms we work with include:

National SEO:

With a strong portfolio of national SEO clients, we work in competitive markets throughout the world. This means we understand the challenges of highly competitive environments, and the intent needed for successful campaigns.

Local SEO:

If you have a local business, you also have the opportunity to leverage the Google My Business (GMB) listings to rank higher in Google Maps and the 3 pack that appears for many local service and product searches for the particular location the user is searching in. Not only can we implement powerful strategies to rank your business or service in the 3 pack and maps, but also dominate the rankings for your target market and keyword phrases, generating local leads and traffic to your business. We now have an office on Adelaide, Australia, where where our SEO team is based.

What to do next?

Please provide specific information of your site, business and requirements. Will will then get back to you within 24 hours.