Google service outages 14th December 2020

Google experienced multiple outages today, including across YouTube, Gmail and Docs. For a fuller breakdown of the services and regions affected, see TechCrunch. All services now appear to be back online and operating normally. To see the Google Workspace status dashboard, click here.

How to make virtual reality videos using Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers the ability to upload and using virtual reality and augmented reality videos through associated Youtube accounts. Youtube has a full tutorial for the requirements and a special way to save the VR video file here: The videos will then show within your normal Youtube channel associated with your Google Workspace account. …

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Can Gmail Reject Spam?

Sometimes our Google Workspace clients and visitors want to know how to stop spam in its tracks, before it even reaches your spam filter at all. Is it possible to reject spam entirely in Gmail? Well, the answer is, kind of. You have 3 basic options: The options to block spam in Gmail Block senders (described …

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Gsuite / Gmail attachments cannot contain .js files any more

Recent security updates to Google’s mail services mean that Gmail and Google Workspace accounts are no longer allowed to attach files with the .js extension (this includes zip files which contain .js files). Get Google’s Google Workspace for your Business Here – fully managed or 20% off. This is in addition to the following file …

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IMAP Settings for Gmail Accounts

Are you looking to connect up to a business Gmail or normal Gmail account via IMAP and wanted to find the settings? Below you’ll find exactly this. Before getting started – allow IMAP for your Gmail account First, you need to allow IMAP for your Gmail account. Without completing this step, the information you collect …

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How to Handle Emails for an Absent Employee in Google Workspace

Employees may be away for a whole host of reasons from holiday (vacations) to sickness or just planned leaves-of-absence. In order to effectively manage their inbox, for any period of time, Google’s Google Workspace offers a range of options: Delegate the inbox Set up a forward Set up a Google Group Inbox Delegation Inbox delegation is …

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