The Silicon Dales Guide to Updating WordPress

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WordPress is used by 65.2% of websites – even in a sample of the top million websites. It’s popular and it works.

In order to keep up with a changing world, the code powering WordPress is updated on a regular basis. As a result, the plugins, themes and integrations which work with WordPress also update on a regular basis (at least, the good ones do!).

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Mandrill: wp_mail has been declared by another process or plugin, so you won’t be able to use Mandrill until the problem is solved.

Troubleshoot this Mandrill-related clash on your WordPress website. The following error message may be produced if the WordPress plugin Mandrill is installed and activated while there exists another plugin on your WP setup which tinkers with the email settings on your WordPress: wp_mail has been declared by another process or plugin, so you won’t be …

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Fix Broken YouTube Auto Embed with WordPress

2018 UPDATE – please note that the issue below is resolved in the latest versions of WordPress. Update to the latest version of WP and you should find video embeds work exactly as expected now. You can chalk this off your list 🙂  On WordPress blogs, there has for a number of versions been a …

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WordPress Extensions

We often install the Open source (free, and developed by a community of programmers, rather than one, paid, team) Content Management System (CMS), WordPress. WordPress was originally a blogging platform developed by Matt Mullenweg, but, in its short history, the software, which runs on (also Open source) PHP and MySQL, has developed into far more …

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New WordPress “Race Maps” Plugin Built in Silicon Dales

This plugin has been closed and is no longer available for download. This morning, we committed the 1.0 version of a new WordPress plugin, called “Race Maps” to the WordPress plugins repository, on behalf of international running website, The plugin very simply allows bloggers with an interest in running, or health, to very quickly …

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WordPress Age Verification

There are lots of times when you want to check the age of your visitors before allowing them access to your WordPress website, for example if you sell or promote alcohol or gambling related content. Whatever the reason, if you’d like to lock out children or people under a certain age from accessing your WP …

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