How to Combine Two (or more) Facebook Pages into One

We’ve all done this for business Facebook pages in the past – set up a page with the wrong name, wrong information, or the business for which we originally setup a Facebook page has totally changed (i.e. gone from being a Sole Trader – your name – to a Limited Company – business name) and now we have 2x or 3x or more Facebook pages all relating to essentially the same business, but we’d like to combine them into one Facebook page, without losing all our old likes!

The method below will allow you to do just that – though note Facebook will check, so you can only combine things which really should be mixed into one page.

Can you combine 2 Facebook Pages?

Yes, you can. This is called “Merge” and the description how to do this is written below. You can even do this with more than 2 pages (by repeating the process for each page you’d like to merge in).

How to Combine Two (or more) Old Facebook Pages into One New One

  1. Login to Facebook on a PC, using the Facebook account which is admin for all the pages you’d like to combine. (if you are not admin on all, then do that first)
  2. Open the Facebook page you’d like to keep (the one you want to combine the other pages into)
  3. Click “Settings” at the top
  4. Click Merge Pages and follow the prompts
  5. If you cannot see “Merge Pages” then this means this page type is not eligible to be merged. Sorry.

If you don’t see the Merge Pages button, be sure to check that the physical (postal) address is exactly the same on both pages.

Details also available at Facebook, here.

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