E-Commerce tip: use Google Microformats to encourage searchers to open YOUR pages

You can make your product listings stand out in Google’s organic search results by using Microformats top tell the search engine just what is in your page.

AKA Rich Snippets

Things like prices, in stock, ratings and reviews can all be highlighted in Google searches, and, in the case of images, ratings, and the words “in stock” this information can really drive interaction with your website, and make your product listings stand out from the crowd.

AKA Schema

This information is now also commonly called “Schema” in reference to Schema.org, where this structured data is now codified – a fantastic little project with real world reach.

eCommerce Data

You can see the below example of a product based search for which a product in our shop section has microformats in place, below: notice how much more “clickable” our listing is than those around it!

Talk to Silicon Dales to add Schema to your store

If you’ve an e-commerce project and you’d like to get more customers through organic searches, or Google products (Google shopping) searches and you think your website ought to have Microformats within it, please don’t hesitate to contact us and see what we can do to drive sales for your business.


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