12 thoughts on “Magento Tip – Removing the PayPal Logo from Right Side Column”

  1. Thanks heaps for this! I’ve been looking for hours – very sneaky and stealthy of Magento/eBay/PayPal to obfiscate this stuff – does their image no good, but when Magento sold out to the dark side, we kind of expected these kind of tricks. Appreciate your work!

    • No problem Michael. I’m not sure it is underhand – it might just be that they didn’t really notice that they removed the option when updating the GUI on the admin panel. Its a big old beast that control panel, and this feature is non critical. But still, very tricky finding this option, as its not in the most obvious place!

  2. Thanks very much …..Amazing Wonderful Tutorials For Newly in Magento
    same as me also …….Very Great and heartly thankyou help me easily…………..

  3. Mabuhay!

    Thank you for the guides 🙂 I also disable the Paypal Logo via Configuration >Advance> Advanced then disable the Paypal Mage.


  4. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for this very informative article, I was having the same issue and after several months just for your link from my developer and the tips work like wow!! I really appreciate and thank you once again for your good job. Take care!

    Zakir Hosen

  5. For those looking in Magento 2.3 it’s…
    Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > PayPal Express Checkout > [Configure] > Advanced Settings > Frontend Experience Settings > PayPal Product Logo = “No Logo”


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