Sell Tickets Online without Merchant Transaction Fees

We’re always reviewing and recommending various digital products to our clients, and one service which we are in the habit of recommending to venue and events in order to sell tickets online is called EventBrite.

EventBrite has a range of features which make it really useful for event organisers to sell tickets online, not least the ability to proces online payments.

There is a fee for processing payments, which is broadly speaking the only way EventBrite makes money, and this stands at around 8% of the ticket price. BUT, and this is an important but for the businesses, charities, clubs, societies and associations which are often the event organisers, the fees are not charged upfront, and can be passed on to the ticket purchaser, so you always know exactly how much money you will receive from ticket sales.

One thing to be aware of, particularly if comparing EventBrite with PayPal or other similar “transaction fee” based online payment processors, is that EventBrite will only disperse the money to you after the event has taken place which might be a change from how you were paid before (i.e. your cashflow may change).

Note, though, that there is much inherent event publicity within EventBrite’s event pages, and that you can connect this up with social networks like Facebook and Twitter (e.g. “I’m attending” or “Like”) and also you can set this up to work with programs like MailChimp in order to add event ticket buyers to an existing or new event mailing list – great for selling or pre-selling next year’s tickets, event upgrades, merchandise or other related products and services to your core audience!

Click here to visit EventBrite in the UK, find out more, and sign up your event today.

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