The Silicon Dales Guide to Updating WooCommerce

woo words logo with update icon against woocommerce purple background

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Silicon Dales are verified WooExperts and have a wealth of experience assisting a variety online stores operating on the software. For WordPress sites without WooCommerce, see our Guide to Updating WordPress websites here. You will need to update your WooCommerce store for three good reasons: so …

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WooCommerce Update: Version 2.6 AKA “Zipping Zebra”

The latest update from WooCommerce came through on 14th June 2016.  Named “Zipping Zebra“, the update heralds a handful of very useful features for online store owners. Here’s a summary: Shipping Zones – create your own shipping zones and add multiple flat rates Account Pages – now with attractive tabs Cart Page – a switch to in-page functions …

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How to set up a Coming Soon page for WordPress

We’re often asked by clients to create a Coming Soon page to handle website visitors while a website is either under construction or under maintenance.

Why do you need a Coming Soon page?

A Coming Soon page keeps trust high with any visitors who land on your website while it’s unavailable. It helps to service pre-existing links, reassuring people – and search engines – that yes, they’re in the right place, but no, the website isn’t available right now.

Coming soon pages are a powerful way to build hype before a site or project launch, and also conveniently hide work in progress until you’re ready to go live.

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Give your WordPress website some TLC this Valentine’s

Every WordPress website needs tender loving care, to keep up with the latest versions of software, new browsers & devices and the latest security patches. To give your users the best experience possible, make sure your website gets the TLC it deserves with our checklist below: The Silicon Dales WordPress TLC Checklist Backup your website. Update to …

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WooCommerce 3.5.5 Update – 20th February 2019

If you have a WooCommerce store, this week you will have seen a prompt to update to WooCommerce 3.5.5. This security & fix release went out on 20th February 2019 and it is recommended that stores update as soon as possible. Silicon Dales clients on maintenance contracts do not need to do anything. Click here …

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The WooCommerce 3.0 Release – “Bionic Butterfly”

WooCommerce released a major update this week and, by the time of writing, have already released the first patch: 3.0.1. The release, named “Bionic Butterfly” for easy reference, has been feted for some time as it introduces a slightly new way of doing things from a WooCommerce developer‘s perspective . Full version notes are here. Patch …

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Troubleshoot & Fix WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.1 Upgrade Issues

If you recently updated WooCommerce Subscriptions to the much awaited and hotly anticipated version 2.1, you may find that there are a few nifty new features. Things like automatically retrying failed payments are now a thing, and much more. But, as with any update, you may run into issues and incompatibilities. This will be particularly so …

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WooCommerce 4.8 Update 8th December 2020

WooCommerce 4.8 was released on 8th December 2020. What’s new? You can see the changelog here. This update focuses on compatibility with WordPress 5.6, PHP 8 and the Twenty Twenty-One theme. Among other changes, there’s an added variations report, which means you can see if you made more money on yellow t-shirts or orange ones. …

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WordPress 5.6 Update 8th December 2020

WordPress 5.6 was released on 8th December 2020. What’s new? You can see the changelog here. This update progresses support for PHP 8. If you’d like help to update your version of WordPress or PHP, get in touch. This update makes some changes for jQuery. What’s Nina got to do with it? WordPress names all …

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