The WooCommerce 3.0 Release – “Bionic Butterfly”

WooCommerce released a major update this week and, by the time of writing, have already released the first patch: 3.0.1.

The release, named “Bionic Butterfly” for easy reference, has been feted for some time as it introduces a slightly new way of doing things from a WooCommerce developer‘s perspective .

Full version notes are here.

Patch details here.

What does this mean for my WooCommerce website?

This is a major update, which means the ways in which your theme and plugins work will probably need to change.

As a result, it’s advisable to hold off updating until you can test your setup in a staging environment.

Most plugins and themes will likely release matching updates over the course of the week, if they haven’t already. All Woo related developers and companies are busy this week making sure all their wonderful products and services are working as expected.

However, it’s worth testing new updates for your Woo store and keeping watch in case any custom code stops working as expected or if any of the new plugin versions clash with each other or your theme.

Nearly every Woo store is unique in its combination of plugins and themes – very few Woo stores have exactly the same setup and host, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the expected behaviour of the store, it’s transactions and features, in case there’s anything needs attention.

More info on updating

There’s a full account of the different ways you can approach updating your WooCommerce store by our very own Robin Scott here.

I need help!

If you’ve spotted something that no longer works as expected on your WooCommerce store you can get in touch with Silicon Dales for assistance (we’re Accredited WooExperts) or hop onto Codeable where there are 250+ screened developers available across all time zones waiting to help with your issue.

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