18th Century Web Fonts

We have been looking for some really fancy 19th Century web fonts as part of a project to put some information from 1800’s history books onto the internet.

Here are a couple we found:

Unifraktur Maguntia

This is a fancy poster display font inspired by German 19th Century foundries who originally made fonts for paper printing presses.

Example of Unifraktur Maguntia

The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dog

IM Fell

This is the kind of typeface you would find in a 19th century European hymn book.

Example of IM Fell

The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dog

How Do I Use These Fonts on My Website?

Go to Google Fonts, get the necessary files, put this in your website header, obviously changing depending on the font used:

put this in your CSS and set the class you want for each separate font (don’t start this with a number) – we’ve used .oldefashioned and .hymnbook:

.oldefashioned {font-family: 'UnifrakturMaguntia', cursive !important;}

and put this in your text editor:

some olde fashioned text


This is a paragraph with oldefashioned within a paragraph - and I'm not olde fashioned


An Olde Fashioned Header

How Do I Use These Fonts on Twitter?

This a very clever way of displaying character, or organisation, relevant fonts on your Twitter feed. Perfect for Museums and those tweeting as historical characters.

Click here for instructions on how to change the font on your Twitter feed.

How Do I Use These Fonts on My Google Docs?

Select the words you wish to change, hover over the font drop down, go to “More Fonts” and search for the font you prefer, select and click “ok”. This will also add the new font to your personal group of fonts.


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  1. Please note the examples of these fonts no longer work since December 2017, when we installed a new, faster, theme for this site. We could call these fonts in the header of this page only, but we’re not, because we want to deliver a high speed experience, and avoid downloading additional fonts to your browser. You can visit Google Fonts to find both of these fonts for use in your website or other project.


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