How to Add a Category in WordPress

We often post tutorials for clients, this is one of them – showing simply how to add a category in WordPress and then how to populate it with posts (otherwise known as articles).

First, you’ll need to login to the dashboard or backend of WordPress.

Then, go to Posts > Categories

usually at:

Enter the name of the category, the slug (usually the lower case name of the category spaced by hyphens like this: name-of-category), choose a parent category and then add a description (not every setup will show this).

Then, click “add new category”.

Putting Posts in Your New Category

1 ) You can put posts into your category from either the main Posts overview page, by going to Posts


Hover over and click “quick edit” to see the option. Don’t forget to click “update” once you’ve selected the category.

2 ) Or, you can choose categories from within the new posts page – normally it’ll look like this:


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