Add RSS to a Mailchimp Newsletter

Email is a really great way to stay in touch with your customers and all the statistics point to it being a major driver of new business. That’s why we’ve included some tips for getting the most out of your email newsletter below:

RSS into Mailchimp

Aside from RSS-driven campaigns, Mailchimp also allows you to add RSS items into a regular newsletter.

All you have to do is write the appropriate tags into a normal text block.

This tag will get you started:

*|FEED: [$count=2,]|*

Click here to read the full guide to choosing your own tags.

Adding an image

If your WordPress RSS feed doesn’t include images, you can either edit your functions.php file or use a plugin such as Add featured image to RSS feed

Will you do it for me?

If you’d rather get Silicon Dales to design a Mailchimp newsletter template for you, simply get in touch.

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