How to Delete All Spam on Gmail / Google Workspace

If you’re looking to delete spam on your Google Mail account (whether Gmail or Google Workspace) the following instructions will get you there.

Note spam will automatically be deleted after 30 days, and you can use mail filters to automatically remove spam (not recommended in case of false positives).

How to Delete All Spam from Gmail

  1. Login to your Gmail account online, at
  2. In the left-hand column click on “Spam” (note that if you have folders etc setup, you may need to click “More” to reveal the Spam folder)
  3. In the middle, at the top, under the “Select All” and “More” options, there will be a link which reads Delete all spam messages now – click this.
  4. Done!

A helpful screenshot.

Sometimes you just cannot see an option, despite it being right in front of you. This screenshot should help!


Leave a comment below if this helped / did not help you get Gmail spam removed.

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