How to Change the Colour of Text or a Heading in a WordPress Post or Page

In this tutorial, I will explain, very quickly, how to change the colour of some text, or a heading, in a post or page in WordPress, using the inherent Rich Text Editor (RTE).

Step One – Click the “More Options” (show/hide kitchen sink) Button

First up, the option you need is in the more, or “kitchen sink” options. Press the button to reveal them as below!

WordPress Show/Hide Kitchen Sink Button
WordPress Show/Hide Kitchen Sink Button

Step Two – Highlight Text & Select Colour

The next step is to highlight the text, or heading, you’d like to style with a different colour, then click the button indicated below (The “A” with a colour block underneath) and choose the colour you’d like):

WordPress Colouring Text
WordPress Colouring Text

That’s it! Finish your post or page, and hit “publish” or hit “preview” to see how your colours look in real life without publishing.

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