PHP (or WordPress) City / Locations to use for North American (USA) Timezones

If you’re ever setting the PHP or WordPress timezone for a site in the USA, and you’d like to make sure you pick a city to match their timezone (and importantly include / not include Daylight Saving Time (DST)) then this is the tutorial for you!

PHP Has America / City – But which to use?

Which city should you use to match your timezone, assuming “your” city is not in the list?!

Well, fear not, because the options are explained below.

USA Timezones – City Selections

  • Eastern Time – America/New_York
  • Central Time – America/Chicago
  • Mountain Time – America/Denver
  • Mountain Time (no DST) – America/Phoenix
  • Pacific Time – America/Los_Angeles
  • Alaska Time – America/Anchorage
  • Hawaii-Aleutian – America/Adak
  • Hawaii-Aleutian Time (no DST) – Pacific/Honolulu


I could have determined this for myself – as I’m sure could you – from the huge list of cities in the PHP manual here. I did not. Instead I used the list found in the top comment on that manual, which refers back to a Stack Overflow answer. Credit as follows:

Get assistance with WordPress / Php Timezones

If you’d like assistance with your WordPress or php timzones – get in touch to book help from Silicon Dales.

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